Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ep. 014 - Russian Roulette

Premiere Date: 03/22/07

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Ep. 014 - Russian Roulette

Lee Majors hosts the first of several shows where the Ensemble has a free-form discussion about anything & everything. A Cornucopia of Subjects are touched upon in this episode. Some of them are:

- The Boondocks & Blacks in Japan
- Boiwondr's First Rock Concert Experience
- The C-Word
- The Catholic School Experience
- Old-School Fashions
- Snow & Slippery Situations
- Fast Food Fuckery & Where in the World is Ronald McDonald?
- Stupid Human Tricks
- Endorsements & Muppets
- More Feedback & The Battle for Prime Hater
- The Most Expensive Glue in History
- Alien Terrorists in Boston: The Town of Todd Guinness
- Adventures in Poverty & The Problem With Cops
- Listener Mail & Comments (Finally!!!)
- Shoutouts to "Advent_Sugar" & Others!
- Sho's Picks for Cult Movies

More randomness next episode!!!

Extended Segment: "Russian Roulette, Vol. 001"
Segment Host: Lee Majors

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