Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ep. 020 - Gundamn! the Origin

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Ep. 020 - Gundamn! the Origin

Direct from the Shinjuku Station vault, comes another lost episode of Flip the Script! In this one, not only do we talk about Anime Music Videos, but incidentally the word "Gundamn!" is exclaimed and explored, originally as a concept for an epic AMV. Who knew that it would become the podcast most of us know today.

Originally Recorded: April 21st, 2007

Subjects Discussed in this Episode:
- Intros/"Lord Shot" No More
- Hair, again
- The Gays are alright
- Weezy (RIP Isabel Sanford)
- Sue Ann Nivens, jack!
- The Man that needs no introduction
- Condolences to VT/Gun Violence
- Jack Thompson
- Hardball
- Go, Hokies!
- Anime Music Videos
- The Perfect Porno
- Back-Seat AMV Makers
- The Supergroup Returns
- Convention Season/Big Girls, Tight Costumes
- SBR's AMV YouTube Channel Critique
- Pigeonholing Music Genres w/ Anime Genres
- Gundam Goes Country?
- Jesus Loves Gundam
- Gundamn! (The Ultimate Gundam Video!)
- Gundam can be Unintentionally Funny
- "Bernie's Lament" - Behind the Scenes
- The Doc Unleashes
- The Best AMV Ever
- Protip from Lee Majors
- How Hip Hop is Treated in AMV Contests
- "Intergalatic" - Behind the Scenes
- These Conventions
- "Spread My Wings" (Still Not Finished...)
- Escaflowne
- Digging in the Crates
- Akon
- T-Double-D, Jampony & Lil' Jon
- Southern Frustration
- Nerdcore
- The Right Equasion for an AMV
- People Have Fucked to Depeche Mode
- Absentee Doctor
- Salsa + Fist of the North Star = Neo is really drunk
- Initial D
- Use DVDs for your AMVs!
- Research your idea @!
- We're done?
- Bring those Asians!

An insane episode from start to finish!
More to come!

Thanks for listening!
Soul Bro Ryu

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ep. 019 - Live @ Lee Majors!

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Ep. 019 - Live @ Lee Majors!

Another "lost" recording and the first of the tapings at the palacial estate of co-host, Lee Majors, dating back to early March 2007. Man, was this dusty, just look at this topic list:

- Hair Problems
- Facially Challenged
- Eddie Griffin
- The Insult of All Moviedom
- Richard Pryor
- God's Favorite Sitcom
- Borrowing Quotes
- Lost: The Debate (Season 3)
- Heroes (Season 1)
- Reality TV
- Wrestling
- Centurions
- Older Brothers
- You Can't Become Evil Sho Overnight
- Doc's Sordid Past
- Why I Hate Birthdays
- The Baby vs. The Heir
- Tired Parents
- Corporal Punishment
- The Wrath of Neo's Father
- Ancient Age
- Enjoy Life
- The Grass isn't Always Greener
- Leadership
- Snapshot of Bush's America
- Captain America vs. Stephen Colbert
- Bill O' Reilly vs. Snoop Dog
- Chris Matthews: The Intimidator
- Ann Coulter
- Oprah?
- Soulmates
- Let Me Show You My O Magazine
- Oprah & Her Audience
- Steadman
- The Jerry Springer Contradiction
- You Are Not the Father
- Dateline
- Entrapment
- Above the Law
- Just Legalize it!
- Bald White Dudes
- Guns Don't Kill People. Minorities Do.
- Charlton Heston
- Out of their Time
- The Thomas Jefferson Affair
- Redbones
- Opposite Sides of the Spectrum
- Intra-Race Ridicule
- Decendants of Darkness
- Stupidity Transcends
- English is the New Latin
- Global Warming = Better Tanning
- Redheads

Although it starts out slow, things quickly pick up steam and we get into some touchy subjects. More to come!

Thanks for listening!
Soul Bro Ryu

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ep. 018 - This Ain't No Heineken!

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Ep. 018 - This Ain't No Heineken!

This episode is old as hell, dating back to Feb 2007. Just by running down the list of topics touched upon in this episode you can already tell how long it's been on the shelf:

- FX Convention
- Employee Appreciation/Free Lunch
- Old & New Studios
- Remembering the pilot
- Lost: Season 3 (Damn, this is old!)
- Back to Free Lunch
- Big things are happening (in 2007)
- Eddie Griffin: Ferrari Poster Child
- Parallel Parking w/ Neo
- The Budwiser Compromise
- This Ain't No Heineken!
- Smart for Life
- Speed Runs
- Stupid Human Tricks
- Sho at his most Empathetic/Hateful
- The Darwin Awards
- Fist of the North Star
- The Comedy/Hate Couch
- Sega At My Front Door
- Char & Sayla
- Ultra
- Death by Downpour
- All You Women/Boobage
- Bumfight?
- The Place Where Neo Dies
- Mt. Crapadoo
- The Water Closet Menagerie
- An Unexpected Trip
- Button Fly, Ay!
- Mystery of the T-Shirt
- Cracker Barrel
- The Final Word on Fist
- Za Warldo!!!
- Retroactively Ultra
- The Pitfalls of Late Night Recording
- Donations & Platnium Gundams

However, it's a hilarious epsiode and listeners of "Gundamn! @ MAHQ" and "Level Nine" might get a kick out of how we used to sound back then. (Not that it's much different...) Hopefully it'll tide you over until new eps of those other shows are released, with a new ep of Level Nine coming in a few days.

Thanks for listening!
Soul Bro Ryu