Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ep. 002 - 2-D Fighting Games, Drinkin', Feel Good Shows, Comic Book Scene, T.P.I.R. & The Simpsons

Premiere Date: 10/10/06 & 10/27/06

Download Episode Two Below:

Part One - Part Two

In the first episode, the Ensemble raps about the future of 2-D fighters as well as recall great moments in Drinkin'. Then the latter half of the episode hits you with four segments! Feel Good Shows, Comics, T.P.I.R. and the Simpsons are put under the microscope by the FTS Ensemble. Check it!!!

Segment One - Where are the 2-D Fighters?
Host - Boiwondr

Segment Two - Adventures in Drinkin'!
Hosts - Shoji Ramuro & Neo the Blonde Ace

Segment Three - "Feel Good Shows"
Host: Neo the Blonde Ace

Segment Four: "Comic Book Scene (The Civil War, Etc)"
Host: Dr. Encylopedia Black

Segment Five: "Can the Price is Right continue without Bob?"
Host: Soul Bro Ryu

Segment Six: "The Simpsons: Past, Present and Future"
Host: Lee Majors

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