Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ep. 018 - This Ain't No Heineken!

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Ep. 018 - This Ain't No Heineken!

This episode is old as hell, dating back to Feb 2007. Just by running down the list of topics touched upon in this episode you can already tell how long it's been on the shelf:

- FX Convention
- Employee Appreciation/Free Lunch
- Old & New Studios
- Remembering the pilot
- Lost: Season 3 (Damn, this is old!)
- Back to Free Lunch
- Big things are happening (in 2007)
- Eddie Griffin: Ferrari Poster Child
- Parallel Parking w/ Neo
- The Budwiser Compromise
- This Ain't No Heineken!
- Smart for Life
- Speed Runs
- Stupid Human Tricks
- Sho at his most Empathetic/Hateful
- The Darwin Awards
- Fist of the North Star
- The Comedy/Hate Couch
- Sega At My Front Door
- Char & Sayla
- Ultra
- Death by Downpour
- All You Women/Boobage
- Bumfight?
- The Place Where Neo Dies
- Mt. Crapadoo
- The Water Closet Menagerie
- An Unexpected Trip
- Button Fly, Ay!
- Mystery of the T-Shirt
- Cracker Barrel
- The Final Word on Fist
- Za Warldo!!!
- Retroactively Ultra
- The Pitfalls of Late Night Recording
- Donations & Platnium Gundams

However, it's a hilarious epsiode and listeners of "Gundamn! @ MAHQ" and "Level Nine" might get a kick out of how we used to sound back then. (Not that it's much different...) Hopefully it'll tide you over until new eps of those other shows are released, with a new ep of Level Nine coming in a few days.

Thanks for listening!
Soul Bro Ryu